Fact Sheets

0.05 BAC Fact Sheet

  • Why 0.05 BAC Laws Save Lives - Preventing Excessive Drinking is Key

Alcohol and Cancer Fact Sheet

  • Alcohol & Cancer - An Underappreciated Risk Factor for a Deadly Disease

Alcohol and Suicide Fact Sheet

  • Alcohol and Suicide - Examining the Link & Solutions

Alcopops Fact Sheet

  • Alcopops Update - Continued Work to Protect Nebraska Youths' Health & Safety

Binge Drinking Fact Sheet

  • The Facts about Binge Drinking - Dangerous Underage Drinking with Dangerous Consequences

Compliance Check Fact Sheet

  • Utilizing Compliance Checks to Enforce Youth Alcohol Laws

Dram Shop Fact Sheet

  • Dram Shop Liability and Reducing Alcohol-Related Harms

Evidence-Based Alcohol Screening Fact Sheet

  • Evidence-based Alcohol Screening Tools to Prevent Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Sobriety Checkpoints Fact Sheet

  • Sobriety Checkpoints Save Lives

Tax Increase Fact Sheet

  • Why Increasing Alcohol Taxes Makes Sense