What are they?

ACTION Guides are an easy-to-use, portable and adaptable tool that Project Extra Mile has developed to help communities move research to practice. The guides are available at no cost to interested community members and organizations working to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harms. They contain current information and statistics for issues that are relevant to alcohol misuse and its harms, as well as strategies for creating change.

ACTION Guides include one PowerPoint presentation, a 1-2 page summary document and a list of supplemental resource materials. Each presentation includes a blank slide where you may add any relevant local data in order to tailor the information to your community’s situation. Project Extra Mile staff is available and pleased to provide technical assistance at each stage of engagement.

What is their purpose?

Our goal is that individuals and/or organizations will utilize these guides in order to learn more and raise awareness of the landscape of alcohol use at the state and local levels, and to empower both themselves and others to become advocates for safer communities. ACTION Guides are created in a ready-to-go format and presentations can be quickly tweaked to add relevant local information for any community. We have developed them with ease of use in mind.

What is the rationale behind them?

Knowledge is the starting point for change. We provide you with the information necessary to develop an understanding of a variety of topics and to share it with others. You know your community best and can decide how to best convey the information (Project Extra Mile staff are happy to provide assistance). After reviewing the information in the Guides, you will find yourself better equipped to advocate for change. In short, ACTION Guides are meant to be a starting point for community members who are willing to go the extra mile in preventing alcohol-related harms in their community.

Which ACTION Guides are complete and currently available?

If you would like to obtain the full version of an ACTION Guide, please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. Feel free to contact Project Extra Mile at, call (402) 963-9047 with any further questions. We will discuss your local dynamics as well as strategies for how to make the most of the ACTION Guide information in your community.