Underage drinking is the kind of issue that many people believe they know something about.  An individual may come at the topic from personal experience, popular media representations or what they understand to be common knowledge.  At Project Extra Mile, all of the work on preventing underage alcohol consumption and other alcohol-related harms is based on the latest science and research from a wide variety of nationally-known and respected resources.  Distributing that information not only raises the profile of the topic but also provides a deeper awareness and understanding of the issue.

Too often parents, policy makers and others are willing to let what they think they know about underage drinking guide their decisions.  Incorrect facts and half-formed truths can actually impede progress.  Any information or materials provided by Project Extra Mile have been examined and considered.  As an organization, we believe that the only way to create good public policy is to collect the best information possible and provide that information to communities and to policy makers.  Our community deserves nothing less.

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