Enforcing alcohol laws and policy is vitally important in addressing excessive alcohol consumption, including underage drinking.  Enforcement must be multifaceted and address each part of the equation – from the potential consumer back to the retail outlet or source.

The consequences of underage drinking are serious and must be treated as such.  Project Extra Mile has a long history of working with a wide range of community partners, especially law enforcement.   The work of police officers, deputies and troopers in combating underage drinking is truly the cornerstone of prevention efforts.  However, law enforcement cannot stand alone.  Community support of enforcement efforts is one of the key factors in achieving long-term, lasting solutions.

Since 2009, Project Extra Mile has hosted annual trainings for law enforcement personnel across the state focused on preventing and reducing underage alcohol consumption and the related harms. Over the past eight years, national law enforcement experts have provided training on a number of topics, including source investigation, controlled party dispersal, utilizing social media in investigations, managing special events and conducting compliance check operations.

The enforcement of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act with regard to sales to minors by licensed establishments is adjudicated at two separate levels: criminal and administrative. The server/clerk who served/sold alcohol to the minor is issued a criminal citation, which will be adjudicated by the appropriate county court. The business where the service or sale of alcohol to a minor occurred will be issued an administrative citation, which will be adjudicated by the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.

Under “Pages in this Section” to the right, you will find additional information regarding compliance checks, as well as the results from compliance checks coordinated by Project Extra Mile since December 2013. These lists consist of multiple compliance check operations over the course of one year, and they will continue to be updated as these operations are carried out by our law enforcement partners. For more information, please click “Compliance Check Results” to the right.