Licensing Process

With more than 5,300 permanent liquor licenses and an additional 4,300 Special Designated Licenses (SDLs) issued each year as temporary licenses for community events, it's critical for community members and municipalities to get involved in the liquor licensing process. Project Extra Mile monitors local liquor licenses' history to track violations that negatively impact youth, neighborhoods and communities. Any citizen can track a business' violation history at

Every year liquor licenses are up for renewal. Citizen involvement in the automatic renewal process is underutilized and mostly unknown by average citizens even though it's part of the public record. Typically, municipalities automatically renew the license. However, the automatic renewal process allows community members to raise concerns when a local licensee continues to cause problems for neighborhoods and communities. Citizen and community involvement is important to this process in order for the public health and safety of a community to remain a valid part of the licensing discussion and decisions.

Deadlines for Citizens to Protest an Automatic Renewal (Contact the City/County Clerk with specific objections listed):

  • Class C Liquor Licenses: August 10
  • Non-Class C Liquor Licenses: February 10

Local Governing Body Publishes Automatic Renewal Notices Between:

  • Class C Liquor Licenses: July 10-30
  • Non-Class C Liquor Licenses: January 10-30

Special Designated License Checklist - A guide to planning and implementing a successful event.