Information to Take Action

Find your State Senator:

Unsure who your State Senator is?  Click here to be directed to the Nebraska Unicameral's website to find out what Legislative District you live in and who your State Senator is. 

To learn more about your Senator and the legislative bills that they've introduced, please click here to find Senators' individual web pages.

The Basics of Taking Action:

Providing Comment on a Specific Legislative Bill:

Citizens and organizations have an opportunity to testify in support, opposition or in a neutral capacity either in person or written communication. With the exception of a few technical bills, all bills receive a public hearing by a legislative committee. At hearings, citizens have a chance to express their opinions to committee members. Testimony is recorded, transcribed and incorporated into the official committee record. Providing testimony or comments at a legislative hearing is an effective way for citizens views to be communicated with their senator. Oral testimony given in person during a hearing often is limited to just a few minutes. 

Written communications regarding a specific legislative bill should be sent to the office of the State Senator who chairs the committee. Be sure to allow an adequate amount of time for the message to be received before the hearing date. Written forms of testimony can be sent by mail or via email. In order for your communication to become part of the official record and noted in the transcript of the committee hearing, you must include the phrase "please include my comments as part of the official record of this hearing."

The Legislature has fourteen (14)  standing committees that are organized around various public policy areas in order to facilitate the processing of legislation.

Additionally, if you're senator is on the committee that you're going before, it can also be helpful to call them to discuss the issue beforehand and to let them know that you plan to be there and provide comment. Calls such as these are not part of the official record for the hearing, but can often be a useful tool to build rapport with your State Senator and to let them know that they have constituents that are interested in the matter. 

For more information on the committee process and some helpful tips on testifying at a committee hearing, click here

Stay Informed:

Monitor the Legislative Process:

To monitor the Unicameral's process without being at the State Capitol, both legislative committee hearings and debate on the floor are streamed live and on demand by NET. 

The Unicameral Update:

To find out recent news from the legislature, you can check out the Unicameral Update. This page is updated daily to help keep citizens informed on news from the Nebraska Legislature.