Support Resolutions Focused on Alcohol Ads

Bringing forward a resolution of support to reduce or restrict the amount of alcohol advertising in a community is a tactic that will raise awareness, begin a dialogue with elected officials and members of the community, and connect like-minded supporters.

The Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth (CAMY) created a page focused on how cities and towns can pass resolutions of support regarding alcohol advertising and exposure to young people.  Follow this link for more information on Local Action.

The Coalition to Ban Alcohol Ads on Public Property in Los Angeles  launched a grassroots City-wide campaign in 2012 to document the over-proliferation of alcohol ads on public property. Activists are canvassed neighborhoods and contributed photos of ads in a first-ever mobile phone photo and texting campaign designed to wake-up members of the Los Angeles Public Safety Committee to the public health threat of over-exposing vulnerable populations to alcohol advertising.  Follow this link for more information on the city-wide Campaign.