Community Frames -- Alcohol Advertising

The pervasiveness of beer, wine and liquor advertisements in our country is overwhelming.  The alcohol industry annually spends $4 billion to convince consumers to purchase what they sell.1  And while representatives for the alcohol industry have said they would never use advertising to target teens and children, the reality is young people see, hear and read what is around them.

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Image is everything in advertising, and alcohol in commercials is often portrayed as a fun, sexy, attractive product that young people use.  Adolescents certainly see that. According to a 2010 policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, “ . . .teenagers are 400 times more likely to see an alcohol ad than to see a public service announcement (PSA) that discourages underage drinking.  Teen-oriented magazines contain 48% more advertising for beer, 20% more advertising for hard liquor, and 92% more advertising for sweet alcoholic drinks than do magazines aimed at adults of legal drinking age.”

The Alcohol Advertising Community Frame and supporting materials on this website are based on the latest science and research. 


 1Federal Trade Commission, 2008