To help communities move research to practice, Project Extra Mile has developed ACTION Guides, which are available at no cost to community members and organizations who want to reduce and prevent alcohol-related harm in their communities. ACTION Guides are easy-to-use, portable, and adaptable tools that contain the most recent and reliable scientific research, as well as key information about processes that impact the alcohol environment in Nebraska. They also include evidence-based strategies for creating change.

ACTION Guides include one PowerPoint presentation, a one-page summary document and a list of supplemental reference materials. The PowerPoints include a blank slide where you may add any relevant local data in order to tailor the information to your community’s situation.  Project Extra Mile staff is available and pleased to provide technical assistance at each stage of engagement.

Whether you are looking to influence policies, change social norms, educate youth or simply raise awareness of an issue, these guides will provide you with an excellent foundation for future civic engagement. In short, they are meant to be an excellent resource for those willing to go the extra mile in preventing alcohol-related harm in their community. 

Which ACTION Guides are complete and currently available?

  • Underage Alcohol Use in Nebraska
  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption in Nebraska
  • Civics 101

Which ACTION Guides will be available in the future?

  • Alcohol Availability in Nebraska
  • Liquor Licensing 101

If you would like to obtain the full version of an ACTION Guide, please contact Project Extra Mile at, call (402) 963-9047. We will discuss your local dynamics as well as strategies for how to make the most of the ACTION Guide information in your community.